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Sweater: JCPenney (only $14!) // Pants: AEO // Boots: Vince Camuto, this year’s version here (and on sale) // Earrings: H&M, similar here //

Hi everyone! It has been a while I know… I know. I will explain why I went MIA, but I just wanted to say that I am hoping the third time at this blogging thing will be the charm. It has been quite some time since I posted on my blog or anywhere else for that matter and I am sincerely sorry. I just needed a bit of a break from everything and I fell into an awful moment of comparing myself to every other blogger and wondering what did they have that I do not? The truth is, I may never know, but what I do have is a love for fashion and I would love to get back to sharing my love for fashion with all of you. I have been working like crazy on brainstorming post ideas so that  I can keep up with posting as well as having a life. I fell into a really bad habit of getting home from work or school around 5pm and then trying to throw together a post to go live the next day. It was awful and a lot more stressful than it was fun. I want blogging to be something that  I enjoy and instead of enjoying it, it was stressing me out to the max and making me resent my blog. I am also using this post to share an easy and affordable outfit idea that is super easy to recreate since I have not posted an outfit in so long. As always, I will link what I am wearing or similar options above, and below this post.

So here is something you may not know… bloggers make money! I know, crazy right? So I definitely did not know that when I started blogging. I truly started blogging because I thought it would be fun, and once I learned I could make some money while I had fun I was in! Except…. I did not make any money. I followed all of the rules, or so I thought. I was on Pinterest, I was on Instagram, and I made a Facebook page for my blog too! I joined groups that allowed me to share my blog with other people and I was spending an ungodly amount of time on Instagram yet I was not getting a lot of followers and not a lot of people were reading my blog. This time around, I am just going to try to have fun and use my blog as an outlet to be creative. If people end up reading my blog great, and if not I am going to try my best to not focus on my number of followers and instead focus on whoever reads my blog. Not to be cheesy, but there is a quote I like, “Bloom where you are planted” and I truly believe at this point in my life is the time that I will grow wherever and however God wants me to. Honestly, I am planning on just sharing what I love and I hope to build a community of followers who may not be able to drop $500 on an outfit. I cannot afford the latest Gucci bag (no matter how beautiful it may be) and I probably will not be able to afford any kind of designer bag or fashion piece for a while. I just graduated from the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em!) and I am on the hunt for my first big girl job. Until then I am a nanny for an AMAZING family which allows me to support myself and have some free time which I plan on putting to good use for my blog.

Social media is hard y’all seriously. Your Instagram has to have a “theme” and everything needs to be pretty, pink, gold, marbled and whatever else is currently trending. I honestly felt like everything I posted had to be perfectly edited, perfectly themed, with the best stuff, in the best lighting, and some bloggers can make that happen and I honestly have not figured out the formula for that yet but I am trying. I will never be perfect and I do not want to be perfect because if I only show y’all a “perfect” Kelsey you will never see the real me. I am young and I am learning and I honestly just want to have fun and enjoy what I do. I am so passionate about blogging, and web design, and even social media and you might not even know that if I did not tell you. I also love a good sale and to tell you the truth 5% of my closet was probably purchased at full price. I am not kidding either! For as long as I can remember, my Mom and I have shopped on sale. I plan on sharing an entire post on how I shop sale items so y’all can save money like I do. Anyways, my point is I am just like y’all and I am not just saying that. My focus for my blog will literally be sharing all of my sale finds and how I find them, and my outfit posts will consist of mostly sale items, unless the item is no longer available which happens sometimes. I hope to be able to share my sale finds as soon as I find them instead of having to wait to shoot an outfit and put it in a blog post after it is already sold out. This whole blogging adventure is clearly a work in progress for me and I plan on learning as I go and having fun.

I will end this post by saying I truly am excited to share with y’all how easy and fun the fashion world can be. I am working on improving my posts, and hope y’all will stick with me as I learn and grow.

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