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Happy Wednesday everyone! This week’s post is probably my favorite post yet! I shot it with my amazingly talented friend Kevin who helped me survive my apparel I class last semester. You should definitely check him out here. He is seriously so talented and I cannot wait for the next time we shoot.

I feel like every year I go through the whole white after Labor Day debate and I can never decide if I want to follow the rule or not. I used to get around it by wearing a lot of cream colored pieces but eventually that gets boring. I decided this year I would say goodbye to the old rule and say hello to white after Labor Day. White goes with so many things, and considering it is still in the upper 90’s in Texas I feel like I can definitely get away with rocking some white every now and again. Plus, white pieces are easy for me to wear on Game Day and go really well with my college’s colors.

This dress is something I have been wanting for a long time. I always see so many people looking so comfortable but also so chic while wearing t-shirt dresses, but I can never seem to find ones that fit me the way I would like them to. If you did not already know, I am 5’9 which makes dress shopping extremely difficult for me. I cannot shop for dresses online because I cannot tell if a dress will be long enough for me which is no fun whatsoever. I also have a difficult time shopping in stores because I have to size up for length which usually makes me look like I grabbed my dad’s old t-shirt and decided to make a dress out of it. I happened to be shopping with my mom the weekend before I moved back to Austin and I found this dress for a steal at Dillard’s! I was so excited when I tried it on and my mom did not say, “Well, it doesn’t do anything for me,” like she usually does when I try these types of dresses on so I knew it was going home with me (along with 9 other things whoops).

My shoes are also from Dillard’s and were also on sale when I purchased them. I am THE bargain shopper let me tell you, and these shoes were too good of a deal not to snatch up last year. I love them so much and they are extremely versatile. I included similar ones below for y’all to shop.

My tassel bag was a TOTAL STEAL from Old Navy this summer. It was only $7!!! I was so excited when I found it especially after seeing how popular tassels were becoming. I wear it constantly, and it is the perfect purse to take to games, concerts, or shopping. I have linked it below, and along with other super cute options.

My accessories are the usual ones I wear. I have such a hard time buying costume jewelry because my mom has always told me, “quality over quantity,” when it comes to jewelry. I am wearing my trusty boyfriend watch, dead battery and all, and my James Avery charm bracelet that my mom gave to me when I turned 16. I am also wearing my favorite wrap bracelet, c/o Better Bead Wear and my Kendra Scott Danielle earrings. I linked some of my jewelry below along with other pieces that are on my accessories wish list.

So, are y’all going to wear white after Labor Day? If not, what is your new color that you will be wearing for fall?


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  1. Cute outfit! I live white too and I totally get the problem with dresses being too short. I’m not as tall as you, but have really long legs so it makes it tricky! Good work on this post!

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