Happy Friday! I am starting a new blog series today called Friday’s Five and basically I will pick 5 things that I want to talk about whether that be things I am currently loving, good things that happened in the week, exciting news I received, or things that I am currently wanting. It will all vary week by week and will probably be pretty random, but I think it will be fun and different from my usual outfit posts.

-I received my first Birchbox this week! It’s so cute! For $10 a month you get deluxe sized samples to try from many amazing different brands plus you get points to use to buy things from the Birchbox shop! I love it already! If you’d like to try Birchbox you can get your first box for $5 using this link here.-

 -Revenge! I watched this show when it first came on ABC in 2011 but at some point got so far behind I couldn’t catch up. I saw it was on Netflix a few weeks ago and have been binge watching ever since. I’m almost done with the final season and cannot wait to see how it all ends! (photo from IMDB)-

-Rainy weather! If April showers bring May flowers what do May showers bring?? At first I was really annoyed with all of the rain because I haven’t had the chance to take many pictures outside for blog posts, but I have realized I should be thankful for all of the rain because it is filling up the lake where I spend a lot of time with my family every Summer.-

 -Avocado toast. It might look or sound weird but it is sooooo good! I switch up the ways I have it but this morning I had it with a fried egg and bacon while other mornings I’ll have it with a scrambled egg and hashbrowns on top. People who really know me know that I cannot cook for anything, but this is so easy to make and isn’t terrible for me so I tend to have it pretty often for breakfast or even dinner.-

-The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale! Now is the time to get some great deals at Nordstrom so definitely check the sale out here. Don’t forget to shop through Ebates to get 6% cash back!-

I’m so glad we finally made it to Friday and a three day weekend! My computer is being worked on because there was something wrong with it and if you follow me on Snapchat you also know my screen is cracked too. I am currently blogging off of my iPhone and it takes me so much longer than on the computer so that is why this is my first post this week. I am seriously hoping next week I will be able to get more posts up for y’all .

Hope y’all have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!


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