Sweater: ?, similar here // Jeans: AEO // Bag: Michael Kors, similar here // Boots: Arturo Chiang, cute over-the-knee suede pair here //

Hey babes! I thought I needed to get focused on Spring outfits for y’all, but the weather in Texas had other plans considering it is currently 32°, go figure. Today’s post features a pretty good idea as to what I wear during the winter in Austin. My winter uniform almost always includes a sweater, jeans, and one of my many pairs of riding boots. This outfit was so easy to put together, and I was a little worried about putting three different shades of gray in one outfit but I think it actually does not look too bad. Anyways, check out the details below!

This sparkly sweater is seriously the CUTEST and I absolutely love it! It kind of has a funny story to go along with it because I have no idea where I got it. Literally one day it was just in my room at my parent’s house a few years ago and I asked my mom where it came from and she had no clue. None of my friends were missing a sweater and no one has ever asked about it, but last year I shared it on Instagram and a lot of y’all really liked it so I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to it. So, if you are one of my friends and this is your sweater, my bad girl #oops.

I paired my mystery sweater with my favorite denim that I literally always wear and y’all are probably like, “Does this girl own more than one pair of pants??”. The answer to that is yes, but these are my go-to jeans and they literally go with EVERYTHING. I am hoping to mix it up in the spring so y’all will just have to keep checking the blog to see!

My riding boots are from one of my favorite shoe brands, Arturo Chiang. (Side note: I read a post where blog readers said they hate when bloggers say everything is their “favorite”. I am not joking when I say Arturo Chiang is one of my favorite boot designers and I almost always purchase the same style from him every other year.) Anyways, so I own these boots in brown as well and they look so nice in the Fall and Winter.

My purse was a gift from my parents last year for Christmas and I have featured it on my blog here, but I have gotten so many compliments on it and I think it is so unique that I just had to share it again. Plus, my mom is my biggest blog supporter and reads every post so what kind of daughter would I be if I did not show y’all things she has gotten me every now and again. Thanks Carol, aka Mom, love ya! (Side note 2: Now you might think it is weird I call my mom by her first name, I get it. I honestly have no idea when I started doing that or why I started doing it. I think I was going through a sassy stage at some point in high school and I would sarcastically call her Carol and it just kind of became a habit. )

Now, I need y’all to do me a favor. If you could please comment on this post or email me (kelseyatfirstglance@gmail.com) any requests or ideas of things that you want to see on the blog that would be so helpful! So far I am working on a post about how I save money shopping and how I shop, how I got my hair to be so long and how I keep it healthy, and a Valentine’s Day outfit idea. If you want to see me try out a trend, or write about something in particular just let me know! I can also do a Q&A post if that is something y’all are interested in. Y’all’s feedback will help me out so much!

Thanks for reading!

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