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Happy Friday y’all! This week’s post features my favorite activewear must-haves. If you did not already know from my Instagram, I have started working out and eating right in preparation for my cruise in March. If you know me, you know I HATE working out and I LOVE queso so I was anticipating this to be a huge struggle. So far, I have gone to the gym everyday and have been cooking at home as well as tracking my food intake with the MyFitnessPal app. I have also been attending cycling classes which are KILLER, but so worth it afterwards. So with all of this being said, I decided I would share with y’all my activewear must-haves!

1.  The perfect work out tank! I love Nike apparel which is why there are so many pieces from them in this post.

2. A cute, yet functional sport bra! I have two of these bras and LOVE them! They were on sale when I bought them and I regret only buying two. They just came out with some new prints and colors and I have my eye on this one next.

3. A strappy back tank! This one adds an extra pop to any activewear outfit and is super cute.

4. An iPhone armband! I do not do much running, but when I do I have to have one of these so I can listen to my Spotify playlist while I run. When I am on the elliptical I usually watch Netflix I will not lie. ?

5. An adorable hat! This hat has the cutest phrase embroidered on it, and will also help hide sweaty hair, or if you have long hair like me, keep it out of your face. I like to wear hats to cycle class so I have a harder time looking up at the clock to see that I am only ten minutes into the class.

6. A water bottle! I have this bottle and use it EVERYDAY! It is marked at 8, 16, and 24 ounces to let me know how much water I have drank. I also use the iHydrate app and it reminds me to drink water throughout the day.

7. Trendy shoes! I love the nude color of these Nike shoes and they can carryover into my everyday style which makes them a great buy. They are really similar to the Nude Roshe Two shoes that a lot of people have right now.

8. Black shoes! I have a problem I will admit. I buy Nike shoes like candy and get them in every crazy color and print possible but I have yet to buy a black pair. These will literally go with anything and they are on SALE!

9. Colorful shoes! I know, I just said I buy too many pairs of colorful shoes but these are on SALE and the perfect shade of blue. If I needed a new pair of Nikes I would have already bought these.

10. Cutout leggings! This style of leggings are trending right now and my roommate just bought them and LOVES them! They look really cute in person and add an extra element to everyday boring black leggings.

11. Cutout leggings (again)! I included this style of leggings again because this pair is about half the price of the pair above and they come in more colors.

12. Mesh leggings! These are TOO CUTE! I want these so badly, but I  am trying to not spend any money so I can save up for shopping for my cruise. These are also a really great price! I have leggings from this brand that are over a year old and they are still in great condition.

13. Cute shorts! I think I have at least fifteen pairs of these shorts. I love working out in them and they also are really comfortable to wear to class.

Did you see anything you liked? Would you want me to write another post like this and include healthy recipes I have tried? Let me know!

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