Sweater: Blu Pepper // Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters // Booties: old, similar here // Earrings: Kendra Scott // Lip color: Loreal, Statement Nude // Nail Polish: Essie //

Happy New Year! I am so excited to move on to 2017 and see what the year has in store for me! I already have one adventure booked! I will be going on my first cruise in March with some of my best friends and I cannot wait! I also have a few resolutions I would like to share to keep myself more accountable:

  1. Drink more water! I do not drink a lot of soda as it is, but I know I do not drink half as much water as I should either.
  2. WORK OUT! This one is major for me and I really want to start working out. I find every excuse in the book not to work out when I have a million more reasons as to why I should work out. I used to be so active in high school, but after graduating a few years ago I have gotten extremely lazy.
  3. Be present. I spend a lot of time on social media, and while part of it is blog related some of it is just pure boredom when I could use my time a lot more wisely. I would also like to add on to this and contradict myself by saying I want to post more on social media, or more consistently. I have good weeks when I put a post up everyday and then I have weeks where I completely disappear which is detrimental to growing my blog. I would also like to be more organized with social media and stick to a schedule that allows me to post more in an organized way.
  4. Blog more! Juggling work, school, family, and my social life while also trying to blog can be tough. I love blogging so much and appreciate everyone who follows my blog, but I hate when I get super busy and completely miss getting a post up. I would like to start planning and writing posts weeks in advance so when I have busy weeks I will be ready and when I have slow weeks I can work on new posts.
  5. Spend money more wisely. I have always been a great saver when it comes to money, you can ask anyone I know, but I have realized that most of my spending money is used on food. I have a problem and living in Austin is so not helpful to my budget because there are so many amazing places to eat! I need to start planning my meals and cooking more at home so that I can save money. If you have any easy recipes definitely let me know!
  6. Eat better. At the beginning of the semester I usually do pretty well with eating right and cooking at home, but when I get to midterms I log into my bank account and realize I have eaten out for five meals in one week. I would like to focus on eating right and only allowing myself food that is bad for me in moderation. This resolution will probably be the hardest for me thanks to my queso addiction.
  7. Be spontaneous. I am the world’s worst about planning literally everything, and if I did not plan to do it I probably will not do it. I would like to also take risks and not be so afraid to make mistakes. I also need to remember that this year will be one of my last years in college and while grades are important they are not everything.

Okay now let’s talk about this outfit! I found this sweater on major clearance last year and tried it on as a joke. I had no idea how cute it would be! The tassels are a bit much but once I put the sweater on I pretty much forgot about them. I have gotten tons of compliments on this outfit when I wear it and am glad I took a risk and bought it. If you like it, it is still available and I linked it above.

My jeans are one of my favorite pairs that I still have from when I worked at American Eagle. They have lasted me a long time and look just as good as the day I bought them.

My booties are also from American Eagle, but I could not find them so I linked a similar pair. They have also lasted a lot longer than I thought they would and are really comfortable.

For accessories I kept it minimal because my sweater has a lot going on, but I ended up wearing my usual Kendra Scott earrings and my everyday rings that were gifts from my Mom.

Wow, what a year 2016 was! It had its ups and downs but now it is gone so let’s move onto 2017! What were some of your resolutions? Also, would you wear this sweater? Let me know!

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  1. Such a cute sweater! I definitely agree with your goal of drinking more water, that’s something I could always work on.
    Happy 2017!
    Caitlin || LemonadePressBlog.com

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