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Happy Friday y’all! So sorry for the lack of posts recently school has been super busy, but it’s almost winter break!! Lately I have been searching for super affordable, but also super stylish fall pieces so I decided to share them with y’all in this week’s post! All of these pieces are under $50 which makes me so happy! I can see myself wearing all of these pieces this fall and I am having a hard time not buying everything! And, in case you did not know I live in Texas which is why some of these pieces are questionable for fall. It was 80 degrees yesterday!

  1. This dress is gorgeous and would be perfect to wear during the day and can easily be paired with a cute jacket if it gets chilly at night.
  2.  I am in love with this flannel top! It is so unique and would look cute with many different outfits. I also love the rough hem detail along the bottom.
  3. This easy to wear turtleneck tunic is also a great buy for fall! It can be layered with vests, jackets, and different pairs of pants to make a lot of different outfits. I love this olive color too!
  4. GIVE ME ALL OF THE LACE UP SWEATERS!! Seriously I have wanted this sweater for a while now and I plan on buying it asap. It fits with the current lace-up trend that carried over from this summer and has the most perfect detail.
  5.  I know, I know I cannot stop sharing suede skirts, but this one is really cute and comes at a great price! I just love these button up suede skirts and I think everyone should have one. I also do not see this trend going anywhere soon.
  6. Y’all need these faux leather leggings! They will go with so many things and can be carried over to the colder winter months. These can make any boring outfit look AMAZING!
  7.  Okay I need these velvet booties in my life so badly but they keep selling out! (sad face) They are a total steal and would be so perfect for many different outfits. (If you choose to buy these when they come back in stock check for a coupon code first!! And don’t forget to go through Ebates for cash back!)
  8. I know everyone had these sunnies this past summer, but they now come with Rose Gold lenses and I am in love!!
  9. I  will not lie, I wear a baseball cap to class more than I would like to admit. I love how cute they look and they can always hide a bad hair day! I love the distressed look of this one.
  10.  Tassels are probably my favorite trend right now I just cannot stop finding super cute tassel pieces! These earrings are a total steal and would look so chic!
  11.  I could not make a fall post and not include a scarf. This one has a fun fringe detailing and comes in a few different colors that will go with any outfit.

Okay y’all that’s it! Did you like anything I picked out? And do you like these kinds of affordable posts? Let me know!


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